A Stun Baton Flashlight Is The Ultimate Non-Lethal Self Defense Tool


Having been in the non-lethal self-defense business for many years I have seen a great deal of self-defense weapons come and go. Some were great and others not so great but the one that has always stood out as the very best and most effective in my opinion is the stun gun flashlight.

First and foremost the stun gun flashlight is a flashlight, and who couldn’t use a flashlight from time to time? The fact that the stun gun flashlight is a device you can use on a daily basis is what really sets it apart from its peers and what makes the device so extraordinary. Stun devices, especially stun batons are wonderful non-lethal self-defense tools but how often will they really be used? Hopefully never Simon Arias.

Stun devices, in my opinion, have an advantage over other non-lethal self-defense weapons like mace and pepper spray in that they don’t allow your opponent to “fight through the pain”. Defensive sprays are extremely effective but there is the small chance, especially if an attacker is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, that the spray will not immediately and effectively stop the attack from proceeding. A stun device on the other hand leaves this attacker with no choice but to stop attacking. That is because a stun device like the stun gun flashlight does not work on the premise of causing an attacker pain but by completely disrupting the attacker’s neurological pathways. In other words it takes away the attackers ability to control their own body so it doesn’t matter how tough the attacker is or how high their pain threshold.

Stun batons like this one have an advantage over other more traditional stun devices in that they give the user more reach. With traditional handheld stun devices one must actually be touching an attacker in order for the device to work and subsequently subdue the attacker whereas with a stun baton one does not need to be nearly as close to an attacker in order for the baton to do the same job. The best analogy for this is to think about a boxer. One trait they always list before a fight is a boxer’s reach and with good reason as reach is a major advantage in a fight. If you don’t have to be as close to your opponent as your opponent does to you in order to deliver an effective strike then you have a major advantage over that opponent now don’t you?

So if you feel the need to carry a non-lethal self-defense tool I would hope that a device like the stun gun flashlight would be strongly considered.

Stay Safe,
Carl Vouer

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