Medical Marijuana Advocate Against Arresting American Citizens


My name is Sam Shakespeare of Boca Raton, Florida. I am a solid advocate and proponent of health marijuana. The disparity of legislation around the nation are causing unnecessary injury to families. Just what some American taxpayers may freely participate inothers will be about to jail and families have been broken apart.

We are learning more and much more about bud daily. The discovery of this body’s Endocannabinoid method has been a big breakthrough to its science of medical marijuana. The Endocannabinoid program can be a series of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain and central nervous system that are connected to your body’s immune process, and just interact with compounds present in bud

We are finding that health marijuana may be safe and effectual procedure for the signs of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, pain, epilepsy and nausea.

New research was shown…

An analysis by the University of Nottingham demonstrates how substance compounds within cannabis may possibly help reduce brain damage after having a stroke.

Even the National Cancer Institute’s investigation has discovered how cannabis can actually protect brain cells towards the growth of particular sorts of brain tumors…

This is only a little”science-ey”, however, a National Institute of Health

finds bud may offer a method of resuscitation from cardiac arrest…

In fact, bud has around thousands of years of health usage in human history and not actually 1 death was credited to the herb. Only because of the fact there is not any fatal dose makes marijuana a more workable and safer option to treatment into a number of disorders and diseases. We are aware the use of health marijuana can replace using certain lawful prescribed medication that have serious side effects, for example accidental departure from illness, nevertheless those prescription drugs stay legal despite the fact that they are a great deal more detrimental to the human body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a lot more individuals died from drug overdoses at 2014 than annually on record. The majority of the overdoses involve prescription opioids or pain pills (OxyContin, Percocet,. Hydrocodone, etc.) because 1999, prescription opioids sold at the US has nearly quadrupled, and so includes got the range of opioid overdoses. Many of these”pain pill” fatalities could have been averted with the use of medical marijuana. Back in 2014, significantly more than 14,000 men and women died from overdoses concerning prescribed pain supplements.

Nevertheless, the actual tragedy concerning medical marijuana is the unitedstates War on Drugs. It has enabled the federal and assorted state and local authorities all over the nation to take military arms against its own citizens. It has warranted the militarization of police forces across the country. For a nation that claims to be the Property of the free of charge, we incarcerate a lot of our citizens than any country on earth. The United States of America has about 2 percent of the planet’s people, but it’s 25% of the planet’s prison populace, the majority of them being non violent drug offenders. Over 50 percent of those marijuana prices. That is correct, bud arrests currently accounts for around 50% of all drug arrests from the USA of the 8.2 million bud arrests involving 2001 in 2010, 80% had been for simply possessing bud.

And also the US taxpayer has been modeled the invoice. As stated by that the usa War Drugs charge the taxpayer around $51 billion annually. Since it already prices more than 30,000 to imprison one particular man for one year.

In the event the war on medication was working, it should produce drugs more rare, thus driving up prices. In reality, medication rates have stayed a comparable on the past 20 decades, showing the War on Drugs has had literally no influence over the black market of prohibited drugs. The only thing the War on Drugs has been powerful in is imprisoning our taxpayers at an alarming speed. The one sure means to wipe out an illegal black economy is to legalize the very thing which is made illegal. Inside this way certain states are already catching on and adding tens of thousands and millions to their own tax revenues annually. While their taxpayers are still enjoying precisely the true meaning of freedom.

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